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"The student who reads history will unconsciously develop what is the highest value of history: judgment in worldly affairs. This is a permanent good, not because "history repeats" - we can never exactly match past and present situations - but because the "tendency of things" shows an amazing uniformity within any given civilization. As the great historian Burckhardt said of historical knowledge, it is not 'to make us more clever the next time, but wiser for all time.'"
-Jacques Barzu

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Circulation, the theme of the 2017 OAH Annual Meeting, is everywhere evident in the historical record. Ideas, goods, information, laborers, water, currency, disease, highways, and much more, circulate. Circulation suggests movement, but also connection between points and places. It suggests movement that gives definition. From the scale of the human body to the scale of the global, from the material to the ideological, circulation characterizes many of the subjects historians study, whether migrations, pilgrimages, economies, networks, ideas, culture, conflicts, plagues or demography. Circulations link, but also separate; they populate and depopulate; and they transport and return.

Dates: April 6-9, 2017
Location: New Orleans Marriott
Accommodations: New Orleans Marriott


Graduate Student
Travel Grants Available

Graduate students whose papers or panels/sessions have been accepted by the OAH Program Committee for inclusion on the annual meeting program are eligible to apply.

OAH Presidents' Travel Fund  or the
Samuel & Marion Merrill Graduate Student Travel Grants

Applications due December 1, 2016